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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and we've got let the game begin. fox wednesdays, new costumes every episode, tv history. i love double unmasking every week and more stars than ever before. could this be tommy lee? tom holland, the coach, tom brady, the best singer wednesdays on fox and watch any time on hulu. kic good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, the contrast between el paso, texas, and juarez. mexico has always been one of the great advertisements for americgreaa and for the americae way. the seas have a lot in common. they're literally right next to each other. they're separated by one of the narrowest stretches of the rio grande river by feet from downtown el paso. >> you can see downtown juarez and the populations are not
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that different. most people in el paso havee in el relatives in mexico.ce the difference is one citys is american and one is not.s ben el paso has always been tranquil and orderly. a reallyy and real nice town wid schools and friendly people. >> you would move there. juarez is terrifying, chaotic, impoverished, dangerous, in 2010, juarez recorded more than three thousand murders in el paso. just yards away, there were five . so on one side of the river you had a high functioning civilization, ours, and onr side the other side you had the third world and the success of el paso said everythingng about the superiority of the american systeriority mur and american culture. ago, joe bidens set to change that. was it was an offense against equity. they wery, e to different. but instead of fixing juarez, he decided to destroy el paso and make it much more like juarez. to do that, to administration opened america's southern border to the world. no placethey ope in our countryt harder by that decision than el paso, texas. that decisin the last year, illl
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immigration into el paso has riseeln by over two hundred280 and eighty percent. >> hundreds of thousandsent, hu, foreign nationals streaming in jobless, penniless, anonymous. what happened next? you know what happened next? the most predictable disasterabd in the world, crime skytraisx. >> social cohesion, collapsed. test scores and local schools plummeted and the city beganthey to fall apart. >> people who grew up in el paso started to leave in large numbers. this is what it looks like now. >> it's a chilly december night in el paso, texas. these migrants are homeless,eets camping on the streets, preparing for a night of bitter cold after they were released from border patrol custody. e m the migrants surge also overwhelming local shelters as this unprecedented crisis seems headed for a potential breaking point, with title forty two set to drop next week. nee is no reprieve coming f as new fox news video showss vi overde 1000 migrants camped at p
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the border wall in el paso last night, waiting to be let in fort processing after they crossedhe the rio grande illegally. llegay cbp sources tell fox news the el paso sector has already seen over one hundred and thirty nine thousand migrant encounters since october 1st.l that's enough to fill up l.a. sofi stadium twice, and it reflects a two hundred and fifty five percent increase over the same time last year. >> imagine if that wasr your city, your city where youwk work and raised your family, the city that you built. and then one day some guy gets elected and decides to destroy it. and the media ignore it. no one even covers it. most americans have no idea. most ameri your city has been destroyed. >> and it's not just downtown and the shelters, it's the airport. >> the window into el paso. flow >> in case you haven't flown to there recently, here's what it looks like. people seem to be campincagmpint on the floorhe of the place, train looks like the train stationst and post partition calcutta. a. but at least they had a war to blame it on . there's no war in texas except
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the war the white house declared on its own country. this footage comes from davis court of rebel news. >> and we'll talk to in a moment because i just landedt, in el paso, texas, and here att the el paso airport is an influx of illegal immigrants sleeping on the airport floors.. take a look at what's happening here in the airport. n the aion peru. peru, everyone doing this on you know, this on dominican dominicana. it's on columbia. is >> that's the airport. they're not waiting for flights . they're living therethey and they're not from mexico orme xicoeven el salvador and guatem. they're from, as you justia heard, colombia, peru,
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the dominican republic, an island. these are countries thousandse of miles away to which we know nothing. >> there no reason for this.llim >> there are seven million american men of working age. we're not working there on the internet all day. they have nothing to d workingoo and yet we're doing this. or >> the mayor of el paso, oscar leasers, just declared a state of emergency. >> you can see why we feltwa there was proper time today to call the state of emergency. and the reason why we're doing it is because i said from i wou the beginning that i would calll when i felt that either our asylum seekers,commun our community was not safe .it. and i really believe that today our asylum seekers are not safe as we have hundreds and hundreds on the streets. >> el paso wasn't like this just a few years ago. >> askag anyono.e who went ther so the question is , why isn't't the state of texas stopping dro us ? where's the texas nationalg guard? a few months agothis, greg abbo,
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the governor, was running for office. he's running. it's been over work.s and he's willing to sarunniny anything to get reelected. re he was willing to lie and apparently he did. he said he deployed ten thousand troops to the border. oh, but hasn't he just revised it to five thousand troops?0 and then come up with anotherble solution, just bust thousands of migrantd s to other states , which is kind of funny. make sure an amusing cable newsc segment. >> butou it', s still our count, isn't it? f thesf these people are ever leaving. we this is an invasion of our country. we don'trder have a border. , b and greg abbott could stop it and he isn't. so why isn't. the texas nationa? guard stopping this stoppingek this? we can't answer that question. to we'd love to have greg abbott beca on and tell us . but because texas isn'tse securing the border, the rest of the countryer, th is also ovn with people from foreign countries who have no right to be here. overrwhose identity we don't kt exactly the moment. we do not need a larger population as our economy movewt
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south. this is what denver, colorado,co loa longra way from the border looks like now with several shelters already at capacity.hac mayor michaek l hancock said hare are needed to house migrants. more than nine hundred have arrived in denveivedr in the pat several months. >> more coming every day. so let me be frank. this influx of migrants, the anticipated nature ofpate their arrival at our currentarra space and staffing challenges this put an immense strain on city resources to the level e where they're on the verge of reaching a breaking >> that'eakis in denver, again,m a long way from our southern border. this is the biggest story instor recent american history,ican a total change in the american population. million and millionsons of n and millions of new people. >> the country. will never be what it was five years ago. >> even if you're for this, you
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would acknowledge this is a big deal and it's completely ignored by the media, except when they aredia exce forced tod and they tell you to shut up and stop complaining. on abc news, someone calledone a martha raddatz argued thatlligr actually it's people who are against immigration who are to blame for the immigration crisis. blame theigrationbecause they'n it and therefore advertising it to the rest of the world. >> watchedg world. this. out th >>e you talk about the border wall . you talk about open borders. i don't think i've ever heard president biden say we have an open border, come on over.peopli but people i have heard it for you are former president trump a ron desantis that message reverberates in mexico and beyond. me they do get the message thatn it is at the border and smugglers use all those kinds of statements you do i do ferventlfey wish, say twenty five thousand haitians would move to martha raddatz
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hat maybehborhood tonigh should give different coverage. >> butod until that happens and since they've been deported from martha's vineyard and all the places people martha raddatz live, the democratic party is well able to continue lying here. >> senator sherrod brown of ohio explaining that reallyly o only racists and crazed y conspiracy nuts care about the border. >> you know, there's a lot of folks in the middle who are not very empathetic to to what's happening at the border. e to how do you change the tone of that conversation to get themem to accept compromise like the one that them to tell us we're trying to put together ? i think they will.wi i think my voters are in ohio reasonable. and i we're we're slightly lean republican state now. i don't i don't hear a lot lot about immigration from voters except people in the far right that that always want to gain political advantage by talking about it. by talkiit's amazing that sherrd brown supposin populist from ohio, a guy who cares about
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the little guy and displaced factory workers and those seven million working age american million men who aren'tn and are playing video games and watching all day., that's your countr they arey. are ab >>ou sherrod brown was elected. he claimed to care about them. and in fact, it wasn't that long ago that sherrod brown was down at the border declaring a humanitarian crisis. peopledeclarhumanita are living, people from other countries. now, that same sherrod brown says you're not allowed to talk about anything that's happening at the border, people camping on streets or at the airport. you also, by the way, can't talk about conditions inside migrant detention centers. anymore because they've gothat' a democratic president now, texas representativehahe tony demoales just went to one. >> he shot the footage you'restn seeing on your screen now. t the foothat's a detention cel paso was intended to hold about a thousand people there. ow mor now more than four thousand inside of it. they're about to be le0 inside t onto the street of el paso to sherrod brown care. >> what martha raddatz think of this again, let's hope every peo one of these people winds up ip their neighborhood. in the meantime, tony gonzalez, the state representative from texas, joinsy gonzal us .reat r
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and we areep grateful that he h. represented. thank you so much for coming. o so you you went in and shot we the pictures that we're playing right >>icky why i did you do that?idh i did. thank you, tucker, foran having me. i represent texas twenty third district, which is 60%i red of paso county and eight hundred and twenty three miles of the southern border. for tw i have fougho t for two years to secure this border. you the reason why i shot that u footage is because the american people deserve tho know the truth, the untapped truth.,n and once you see those images,e. you can't unsee them. and the other part was to putt pressure on the biden administration to keep title forty two in place, literally the last trump policy that works tonight. we got worworks tonighd the jude going to give a stay, but i'm mixed emotions here. it's almost a stay of execution. and part of it thaext frustratet me is here you have the greatest country on earth that you earth we have to rely a covid error policy to enforce our immigration system. it's completely broken.
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it's heartbreaking to see itsee to happen, of all places, to el paso, to such a nice little town and such a success, particularly compared to the city right across the river. >> i don't understanoss d. i do' >> you probably wantwhy do to communist because it's your state and you're in politics. but whes y the statste governmentwhy do put up with this? like, why don' st they secure the border? they have men under arms that they they mean the governor control. >> why put up with this for one minute? yeah, i think it frustratedloca everyone local level, certainly at the state level. in congress. it's frustrated me in congress, as well. det we havbut we he to we have to remind that this is exactly what democrats wanted a year ago, house democrats hosted the vice president in el paso. d there they had a press conference that said welcome to the new ellis what' island. when people often ass k meth, h what's what's the administration's plan? the l this is their plan, tucker. we're seeing it unfold. i and this is exactly what they want. they want taxpayers to pay for this influx of migrants that,s o as you pointed out, are going
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to all parts of the country.what this is exactly what the democrats want. we can. >> we have to fight them with everything we can. and that starts in the house. eo >> i agree with that.g no one's even pretending this. helps america. they telling is us that anymore. >> they know it's hurting america. that's why they like it. it's theyand that it's beyond congren tony gonzalez of texas, of el paso county. thank you so, so we just showed you that amazing and amazingly depressing footage o f people from other countries sleepingoft on the floor of the airport in el paso. athose pictures were shot by a reporter, kokanee davis, caught with rebel is more footage to share with us now. >> she joins us . kate, thanks so much. kate, thank you for coming on . ditt, with those pictures from the airport. i mean, would any personthe el p who landed at el paso airport have seen that? why is this the first time we are seeing this? i'm just amazed that no one said anything until you. tk right. f shuker tucker, thank you so
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much for having me on .wi now,ll tel i would tell you rigw that is not going to make much of a difference if title two is halted or not. there is a clear invasion happening in el paso, evenin ple with title forty two in place and it is shocking. a i hopped off the plane atso air the el paso airporpot, madei my way to baggage claim, and that's what i noticed. more thaced moren one hundred il immigrants sleeping on the ground with red cross blankets. noon the ground witw the facilities herei el paso, they are all at max@ capacity. they can not hold any more people. and so they are letting themorep out onto the streets, sleeping in freezing conditions with their babies. wholng condis,e families. this is a humanitarian crisis.i soa the airport has turned a portion of the facility into a makeshift holding center.g cer and so i went around and asked. the people where they're from., they told me the dominican told, but peru, colombia what i found most shocking was one of them said to me, who gave you the permission to film us ? and i though mt to myself,e fo f
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who gave you guys permission to enter into the united states illegally?d i thought wh permission to ente which is a crime. the but to them, to them, the borders are open. the biden administration, they need to be held accountable for dereliction of duty and crimes against the american people. and worse, nbc news of the newci york times. "the washington post" was elected to a canadian news siteb to bring this information informto americans. i just i don't understand it.dos i don't want to use the word dover up, but i don't know another word to describe what we're seeing. and i'm grateful to you fot oth showing us what's actually happening. thank you, katie. good to see you.tucker >> thank you.. so this isn't just happening in el paso. >> of course it's happening around the country. no one's done more to chronicle that than fox's bill melungeon, who just saw a huge group of migrants cross into eagle pass, texas. it's about five hundred miles from el paso el .this >> this has been happening not just today, but every day since this spring. >> for nine months, bermudians ,ebele tucker.
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good evening to you. about a we're about a seven hour drive from el paso. e same i you're in eagle pass, but eaglee pass dealing with a lot of the same issues when it comes to those illegal crossings. tase in point, take a look at this thermal drone video. our team shot out here thisme u morning just after the sun came up showing part of a group of what ended up being overn 380 three hundred and eighty migrants who cross illegally who early this morning, almost all of them single adults,they as usual. they turn themselves tthemselvee they feel like they're going to be released into the united states . and in most cases, that is what happens in here in this del rio sector. heres tell us there have already been over one hundred and eighteen thousand illegal crossings justs since october 1st.e s are those numbers are up 55% over y the same time last year already. and the white house saysal . the border is not open. >> take a listen. it would be wrong to think that the border is open. >> it is not open. >> and i just want to be very, very clear about that. and then take a look at this video we shot when we were in r the rio grande valley last week
10:17 pm
. we embedderunnd with texas dpser looking for runners in the brush and we started t noticing suspected mexican cartel scouts across the river watching us and watching texasg dps. it started offtexa as a couple g guys in pickup trucks. but then we started looking t through the trees and we started seeing guys dressed in t camo with their hoods on trying to hunker down, watching down d us with radios, with cell phones. at one point they put a dronoin up in the air and they wereesset essentially monitoring everything. texas dpiaring s was doing as tn their operation looking for illegal immigrants in the bruslh to just sort of highlights the fact that those mexican cartels really do have control over large swaths of the mexican border in case in oi point or finish you off inlook s arizona. take a look at these images. yuma, arizona, border agentsol on patrol in the open desert find two abandoned deser backpas on the ground from smugglers. in it, they find 90 pounds ofa meth with a street value of about one hundred and, thou fifty thousand dollars. those smugglers obviously unying to backpack thare obviouy
10:18 pm
product into the united states . and back out here live, tucker. border patrol in the rio grande, valley reporting late last week their agents arreste td twots ar illegal immigrants who had homicide convictions, includine one who was convicted of murdering a police officer in los we'll send it back to you, bill . >> and thank you for making that point. thank yas you have so often doe pretty much alone, this isn't organic. >> we've handed control of the southern united statesug to mexican drug cartels. and i appreciate your you're always saying thank you. >> good to see you. thank you. thank you. so learning more about the extent to which the fbi has been embedded in the singlest most important american news organization, twitter, it's beyond belief. can it be legal? no, it's not legal. it's illegal. but more important, it's as illa offense agains dt democracy at a scale that is hard, really hard to comprehend. >> michael shellenberger, our friend, has been reporting on this and he joins
10:19 pm
us straight ahead with the very latest. and then we're learning some new details about what happened to devin nunes, the former chair of the house intel committee, as he was supposed to be overseeing those agencies. >> they were spying on himy . that's not speculation. we know it for a fact. fact and he joins us to next. >> some of the best auditions start under a tree. it's where we gather as a family, where we experience the excitement of opening day. it's where we caught our personal best. and this tree is where it all began. this christmas, traditions under your tree shop now for special savings on gifts for the whole family, in-store and online. bass pro shops celebrating 50 years of christmas memories under your tree. i remember when i got my first glimpse of the mountains, i had to take a breath. i began to understand what was so special about you guys ready
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talk about seeing a doctor seemther so elon musk, if you read him on twitter, seems a little flaky. >> but watch what he's doing. >> you know, he's seriousse because he has put two of the best reporters in the united states . matt taibbi and michael shellenberger, on the twitter philes. in other words, to find out what exactly has been going on at that company for the past several years. the pa yearsand more specificals degree has it been penetrated by our governments, our government and foreign governments in order to sp, oury people ae and shape the political conversation? so michael shellenberger has cobrand new reporting on this.s, and according to his findings, twitter's general counsel wouldy be the former fbi lawyer.rgue jim baker repeatedly argued that the bidenthat laptop story should be censored. twitter also received many secret communications from the fbi just hours before that story was published by thee "new york post". of 2nd the tn inhe new septembef 2020, twitter executive roth attended a tabletop exercise at the aspen institute on a
10:25 pm
potential hack and dump operation involving hunter biden. >> really? is so how did they know it was coming? go wasit was almost like the government was spying on people and stealing thumb drives at a ups sorting centers. what's going on here? sorting centers. spread what's going on here exactly? >> michael shellenberger broke this story and we are alwaysfo grateful to have him.n >> he joins us now.ther michael, thanks so muce h for coming on . so there's there's i so many parts of this, and i hope that our our audience will read what you've written about it. >> but how would youwould summo what you found? e with sure. well, it's good to be with you, tucker. well, we spent a couplouple ofes looking at a lot of the internal emails and slack direct messages among employeese at twitter. and with a picture, yos ong emp one of existing fbi agents outside of twitter and former fbi officials joining where you mentioned the former general counsel of the fbi becoming the the deputy general counselal of twitter, also the deputy chief of staffso of the fbi went
10:26 pm
to twitter. >> in fact, there were so manye fbi officials that twitter that they had their own internal messaging system. they actually had their ow essagingn cue card to kind of train people going from fbi to twitter. re tg and so there was this relentless pressure by external fbi agentsss on twitter to basically adapt its content moderation, also to share information. then you had these sources inside twitter, former fbi officials, particularly formejim baker, who very strenu argued for the censorshiedp ofde the new york post, reporting on the joe biden laptop in the emails, whic ah these very questionable business dealings with china and other countries. , tucker, more investigative work needs to be done,ed buts t looks like a kind ofychologi psychological operation that you would see the cioperata conducting in foreign countries, not something that you would see intelligence somethi agents in the unitedted st states perpetrating against both news organizationats, but also social media platforms, namely twitter and facebook. it's a disturber but pattern the i think our reporting today showed. >> so inbo
10:27 pm
it's a d what i read, what you>e wrote , i mean, it seemedwhat exactly what you just said, classic intel op, but aimed atb the american population. >> i mean, that's illegal, isn't it?t? or am i naive? absolutely. >> thatre's some key facts everybody, every american should know about. this is not a partisan issue. yoit's not au do not want your t important police organization, the fbi, politicized and engaging in dirty campaign tricks. people need to know that the fbi had this laptop longn to biden in december of 2019. you then had the fbi for all of 2020 running an operationg an to convince news organizationslr and social media platforms that that there wouldmst be some sot of a leak of hunter bidenmation information right before the elections of 2020. yo u also had giuliani, who was under fbi surveillance, give the these laptops the laptop to theu se "new york post". >> and then you see veryge of interesting exchange of
10:28 pm
information between the fbi and twitter around that period and back and forth . >> so there's a lot of smoke. i think the bottom line is we need a serious congressional and investigation and we very well may need an independent we mee to weed out theset politicized elements of the fbi. that's exactly in october of 2020, a thumb drive of ours was stolen out of a ups sorting center. it's bothered us ever since forl the lastd year. how could someone how could that happen? but you're startin but,g to explain how it might have happened. and i appreciate it.. thank you. please kep going. miguel schoenbergeepr, greatgoot to see you. >> good to see you, tucker.d to s eeso if that seems out oftartin control, if you starte that to conclude that the federal agencies are out of control and have hollowed out democracy to the point where it's notlkin recognizable, here's a shocking story. new reportints unreczable, hg tm john sollar at the website. t just the news reveals thathe dos began spying on the us congress in 2000 17 . specifically, doj sought grand jury subpoenas for personalails emails of at least two staffers
10:29 pm
on the house intel committee, including patel. >> now, this is right around the time the house intel committee was probing the russian collusion hoax there. devin nunes, you would think, would be beyond attack by the agencies since he was commi the chairman of the house intel committee at the time. he was the guy overseeing the intel agencies. >> but looks like he wasn't.t, >> we now know kevin nunez joins us tonight. congressmaknow.n, thank you so h for coming on . >> so i should say, it looks like you were spied upon as well. >> what do you make of this now? we know it for sure. well, look, at this point at this point, tucker, appears to be that it's not just a couple staff. it looks like it probably a cou is more wielding, have a couplel of subpoenas at this point. so this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. and what this is , is byer, they remember, they targeted my lawyers. so and if you go back to thet time frame, what was happening, happening, we were in a brawl with thetice
10:30 pm
department of justice and the fbi because we caught them spying on the trump campaign and othe ther republican operats in 2016 that continuedop on toei 20 , 17 .s time w at this time, we had confronted high level folks at the highest level of the department of justice and the fbi saying thatu ,look, we think you guys might have a problem here, too. maybe you should recuse yourself. maybe you shouldn't be involved. yoe yourselfyou shouldn't be u t to the bottom of it, but instead, what they did is they did this cute little way of reverse targeting me by going after my staff to figure oute how did we know thisation, information, what were we going to do with this information? and this was all just months before we made this all public, that the fbi used the clinton dnc dirt to spy on trump >> tthe trump campaign. you can't have a democracy in which unelected bureaucratsed with guns control elected not cials.
10:31 pm
that is not a democracy. why does no one burn us down and start again? it's the most serious possible threat. it's a much greater threat thant any foreign government. >> why does no one ever do anything about this? well, look, we tried, tucker, and we made 14 criminal referrals. i assume john durham has that.. now, look, a lot of these referrals did involve lying and misleading congress, obstruction of justice. these are alng l things. ying t if i'm john durham, i know that they're trying to close him down the site administration has to close him down. i but i think congress, my formern colleaguesk , should be pushingg this information as durham to look at thi s becausthis ie s is clearly in the realm of whaty john durham scope was to look at. and i know he brought in some cases in d.c. against against citizens. he has yet to bring any charges against the very people who we trust with these with these really high level powers that appear to , well, not appear. ia they did. es i mean, they turned it against t the united states congress to try to figure out f either
10:32 pm
to try to figure out what were you doing or try to get blackmail on us. i and it's very clear that members of congress are being blackmailed. i can say that maybe you can't, but it's true. i a as you know,ppre i appreciate coming on tonight. alr bringing this to our attention. always a pleasure. thank you. so wk you.e learned last week tt the federal agencies helpedfedea murder an american president .l and we learned a few years ago at the fbi, the number two guyep at the fbi, mark felt, was deep throat, took out another american person, the most popular american president ever elected. richard nixon, taking out a year and a half into his second term. >> and now we find out those same agencies are spying on americans and controlling news organizations. how is that a democracy and why does no one ever do anything about it? it's the threat one . >> so here's a case where democracy might work at spyin the local level. g d co >>nt new orleans, one ofrohat a the worst run cities in the country.w >> and the mayor who's drivingoe it into the ground could soo ofn be recalled by a democratic recall petition. and the person leading that hopeful effort joins us straight ahead.
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i promise you, we're going to find the kidnaper might still be in the area and get away with no. where are the . you're safe . you're on alert. missing persons unit, january 8th on fox. really >> really the untold story, theg the great untoldre. part the democratic party is justow how completely insane with race politics, bitter, hateful race,s iflitics it has become. b and if you want more evidence, you should know that california now has a reparations task ree planning to awardon taxpayer money to people on the basis of their skin color. currently, the plan is to give taxpayer money to quote black residents of californim a ancestors were living inwe the u.s. in the nineteenth century, so giving money to people based on their genetics , on anything they didborn ,but how they were born obvio is obviously immoral and legal. and you would need a species of race science to determine who qualifies it. you'd really have to find out who's a member of which race. on
10:39 pm
but you've got to think aboutis what this would actually mean. so if this becomes law, it looks like it will . who will get the money? well, so a lot of poor people will get the money and fine. but also some of the richest people in our society are going to get the money. ? now, who would they be? while one of them would be meghan markle, under california's current plan, the duchess of santa monica would qualify for taxpayer becaed reparations african-amause her mother is african-american. therefore, she would qualifyeri so you would literally be handing taxpayer money, a lot of it, to a duchess fromoy a foreign country, one of the most privileged people on planet earth. >> because she's oppressed and it's not just this law. it tells you a lot. oppression is not a measure ofra your genetics ore, your appearance. it's a measure of your actual experience.
10:40 pm
>> so whenpe everythinrig becoms about race, you miss reality because reality is not about race, actually , and you wind up in this crazy place where all of a sudden you're sendingne meghan markle money because she's been oppressedca would be kind of funny, but also pretty sick. >> well, latoya cantrell is the mayor of new orleans. who >> how's she doing? well, people who live there call her latoya, the destroyera ,because she's done a lot of destroying. this is what new orleans o looks like now with new orleanslike. on track to be the murder cap capital of america this yearicas is leading some business owners in the french quarter to fear tourists will just stop coming.o >> it's slow. wor monique hamilton is thewill k co-owner of unique nola tours.. she employs fifteen tour guides who walk visitors through the french quarter and garden district. we do seven different tours inl the last couple of weeks. we'rwe aree lucky if we do two r three tours in one day. >> but she wondersshe wo how cri is having an impact right now.f as of december, homicides are
10:41 pm
up one hundred and 34% from just three years ago. nonfatal shootings are up 85%p 5 and carjackings up >> that wouland 68%. so so that would scare some people off people that h have never been here. i think that would to take a look at what monique security camera captured earlier this year, an attempted shooting right outside their door o and thutsidoore top right corneu can see a man fires a gun, but it jams bystanders drop to theha floor. she's also had two tour guides attacked in the lastmo six months. >> that's right. in the french quarter. that's where tourists go . one of the greatest cities in the country destroyedup 180 carjackings up one hundred and e 80%. oh, nont big deal .what i what's to cancel doing?she is well, it seems likevernme she's living in a government apartment with her boyfriend. ntheand of course, indulging inl kinds of creepy race politics. >> tearing down war memorials and then unveiling a giant hair pig downc as a statue in solidaa with blm. and no one can say anything about it. but this is crazy.. >> and then in september, mayor,
10:42 pm
cantrill explained that actually most murder victims know they're killers. >> so it'sbig notdeal really ag deal that they were killed. >> so this is actually too much, even by the standards ofh. new orleans. they ag carter is leadin the effort to recall the mayor of that city and she joinslean, us tonight. k is ai thank you so much for cg on and for doing this just because new orleans is an american city and it's a great city, do you think you can you can get this done? we are empowered. the residents are rising up. we are united . it is no party independent libertarians, democrats, republicans, we are all working together to get this done.e arem >> our voices will be heard. rk ifto you i know that there are e a lot of problems with your mayor, but what ifi know t you d narrow it down to one? people up >> what are people upset aboutin ? she's not listening to the will of the people. she's not performing the the job that we hired her to do. sh you know, we're the people you're supposed to be doingbe d the will ooingf the people
10:43 pm
and she's really ignoring us . we voted in november just as anr example, to have our voice be heard through the process of confirming our our heads of departments. and right now, you know, our our chief has is resigning. and right now she's tryingund to work around the will of the people right now to kind of weasel and achieve before the peoplef lisl can have their voices. so this is what we've been finding. wie mayor has honestly not been very truthful with the residents. and it's time that wents ande sp for ourselves and we get this d done. >> yeah, flying around firstone. class and charging the e i mean, it feels like new orleans is at a tippingeopl arint. >> a lot of people are leaving, going to jefferson parish or ore even farther awar awayy. . i mean, how long do you think you have to save the city, its tax base, families who live there, normal people with jobs . >> the tim nowe is now. are people are leaving in droves. we have businesses that are leaving.
10:44 pm
we have residents who are leaving. the time is noheme iw. the recall is now.we are e we're empowered. we're standing up for ourselves. you know, new orleans is theasye big easy. and once you poke this bear a and you had had the residents respond the way we do, you is en know, enough is enough. we don't have lights. ife, we don't have basic quality of life. our trash, our crime is ridiculous. infrastructure woes. have co you have construction that's been going on for years. code enforcement permits thatd r have been held up fotmr overld u a year. dre stuff that's moving forward is state driven. it's not even the city projectis projects the mayor has quietly quit. it's a national thing that's been going around. but that's exactly what's been happening in new orleans. you know, she like new s, bu the luxuries of being mayor, but not the work. there's no plans with regarding to crime, infrastructure or economic development. infrastrshe shows up at all of the public facing events. but when it'cing eves time to g to the nitty gritty, youat know, the mayor doesn't show up. >> yeah, it could become detroit. and i really hope you won't let that happen. , and alan carter, thank you fot you're doing. >> good luck. thank yo gou very much.
10:45 pm
>> so you probably heard abouta all aids drag shows that are goy drag shows for kids. if you go w, yoill u find armed guards outside these events pe prevent people from seeing what's happening inside. >> by the way, in tifa, youg never hear about them. insithey're all armed militias n this country, but they voted for biden. so it's coolthere med mili. n, s but there is one journalist who just got some footage from inside one of these all ages drag shows. he joins us next to show us what he found. we'll be right back . and greetings to you. thrill seekers, conversationalists and music lovers all across full and optimistic fruited plain. it's the rush limbaugh program here on the excellence in broadcasting network. it's christmas time, but don't
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10:49 pm
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so-called all ages drag shows are popping up all over s the country. drag shows for kids. one of thehom wawss held the ot day in austin, texas. >> huge. awesome that you're herest tonight. in, tethank you for being here. some of the time. what's your favorite part? i think i saw you guys with your mom in the military. where's mike lindell? the mom militari. wherwhat's your name again? >> saadia.a, we we need more mothers like you in the world. are here nine oh oh oh.
10:51 pm
thank you, girls. mom is out here alone. you're reaching for my hungry man. >> yeah, in case you're targe wondering if they wereti targeting, kids are literally targeting kids. here's more footags, t e from the same event and joining about they're working so hard. i actually worked my off. d my look at that. it's gone. >> so glad it's for this human rights campaign is for this. oh, they're for it. it's happening all over the country. itit's part of a national tour called a drag queen christmas. thirty six shows shows, .
10:52 pm
eighteen different states . you know what it's like inside and not just relying on the lives of nbc news. "the washington post" is because taylor hanson, independen t journalist, wentge there and got that footage with the help of the texas family project twitter,ed o'meally suspended hansen fo hru telling the trutt h about what was going on . amazingly, taylor hanson joins us tonight k yo. night. >> thanks so much for coming on . so i think your video basically answers my questions. >> this wasn't an adult thing. this was a kid thing or kids there. >> that was the point right. yeah, you're completely right,yo tucker. i mean, this wasu're c marketeeh towards children in the fire itself. it literally says all ages. lit and i don'erallyt know, i abou. i mean, but the video thathing a i watched, it does not entitle anything that includes, you know, it's appropriate for alll >> i will le. what i mean, i'll letaudien ceour audience come to their own conclusions about why someone would intentionally targetfor ts children for this. and let me just say, there were
10:53 pm
no kids there. we wouldn't be putting this on the air because it wouldn't be our business. but with kids, there it is . i think why would you be banned from telling the truth about what was goingsi on insideness.o you think? >> yeah, it's very interesting that, you know, i waresting s at immediately suspended after reporting on this and having a hit. breaking newing on ts and s. ed you know, the reason why i would be banned is because you have fake reporters like will carlist from usa today,ny s among many other sources. that want to come out and say, t you know, there are no children there. out deny this,la even though that these children are essentially on video being groomed. i mean, there's no other wayilda to put it is these children are being groomed by adults. ike us and outlets like usaa todayheyi pretend that they lie and they say that's not happening when this video shows that it is , why would they want to cover that up? >> i really think it's alle game about the narrative game here is , you know, i've heard of something called drag phobia that's been popping up pretty recently in my mentions.
10:54 pm
you know, and i guess ifme i don't really know what that means, but if draga means phobs that i am against, you know, full grown men dressed as women dancing and committing lewd acts in front ofd minors intentionally, then, you know, you could consider me drag phobic, to say the least. yeah, i would say we're the dads here. agaian, why doesn't anyone put a stop to this? again, just to be completely clear , doing this to kids is a crime. and certainly a moral crime. and i'm just amazed that people sit back and let it happen. >> but still handsome. i'm glad you mentionedtucker the dads, tucker. yes, please. is there actually is a common occurrence is there are no dads there.percent 99% of the timof thee is a lot f the people that bring these kids to these shows are single mothers who happen to be obese.i >> i don't know if there's a pattern there or what. i mean, what a iref people are repulsed? just like i am at recording this video, they can go visit, offend kids, tea, x.comom to personally help down here.
10:55 pm
appreciate bill henson this morning. angie, you cannot going to believe what i am going to show you right now when a group of women put beyond flawless second skin, the latest biotech cosmetic breakthrough under one . i watch what happened. >> i only did one eye and i see huge difference so far . they have put the product under my right eye and i see a dramatic difference. >> i just found the golden ticket. i'm telling you, this is unbelievable. i've shown it to my daughter and to my boyfriend. they couldn't believe it. look at one eye and the other. this is crazy. everything claims to work. this is the only thing i've ever seen. >> do this actually before my eyes. i'm shocked. the cosmetic world has been waiting for the first lifelike ,undetectable twenty four hours, waterproof, synthetic skin introducing beyond flawless second skin. this is astounding. how could this is .
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. are we there yet? or completely out of time? kind of a grim hour. hour. sorry about that. we don't make the news. it just falls into our laps.the wenews report it. >> but tomorrow night, less grim news. we can promise that. >> in the meantime, pete hegseth, speaking of cheerful, t and optimistic, sitting inin for sean hannity tonight. >> here he is . >> i'm going to try might be a t little grim, but we'll try a to optical a little bit. , tuck always great, tuckerer. merry christmas to you. i get don't get a chance to do that all the time. you got it. all right. welcome to this specials sp edition of "hannity". i'm pete hegseth, in forec seana on this monday night.y >> b and tonight, weeg beginin o on capitol hill wheret they really got them this time,i two years aftemer the events of january 6th at the capitol, democratt ths and a few self-serving republicans are recommending that the doans arej charge donald trump with four separate crime


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